The First Day of School

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ByMrs. Collins

In case you haven’t received your letter, let me share a few things about the first day of school.

1) It starts at 8 o’clock. That is a little earlier than last year. For your child to have perfect attendance, they cannot be tardy. We will be giving a special award to any child who has perfect attendance this year!

2) We start school on Wednesday, August 20. Thatis the day after the day the Pathfinders return from Oshkosh. We are excited about getting started. Mrs. B’s room has had a real make-over and my room is about to be shampooed and there are other changes too!

3) Students should be in uniform on the Wednesday.

4) It will be a full day. We will go from 8-3:30.

5) Dismissal will be along the fence on 5th Avenue. Remember, no child, regardless of age, is allowed to cross the street alone. Once you arrive, please take charge of your children and keep them with you. We do not allow the students to play on the playground during dismissal as it saves a lot of choas. Please keep your kids by your side once you’ve arrived, even if you are visiting.

Supply Lists

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ByMrs. Collins

Just a note that supply lists were updated on July 3, 2014.

8th Grade Class Trip

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The “High Extreme” at Raging Waters, San Dimas, CA.

The 8th grade class decided to go to Raging Waters park in San Dimas, California.

Some liked the giant water slide jetting water up their nose, others did NOT!

The little rubber boat after the ride.

Climbing up to the water slide.

After getting thoroughly waterlogged, they decided to go and try the high-speed racing track. Here they are waiting for the go karts; Ontario, CA. K1 Speed indoor go-kart track.

Time passes quickly when chit-chatting at the tables.

Suzy decided to do some rather scary kart driving. First thing that went on was the protective balaclava.

All helmeted and ready to go!

A teacher’s work is never done, but sometimes you get to work in fun places.

And off she goes in lucky number 29!

Number 29 (Suzy) screams past the spectator area.
A great ending activity to a fun 8th grade class trip.

Carrot Harvest

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After waiting months since covering the tiny seeds with dirt, the “garden club” gets to reap what they sowed—thick, sweet, juicy organic carrots!

These carrots grew as twins.

“Look what we grew!

Happy farmers!

Garden Club

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From fragile little plants grown in coco coir to, hopefully, full grown productive garden plants. Such is the goal of our garden club.
The students started the plants from seed packets. They made sure they had warm sunshine and moist soil while they were indoors.
Once the outside soil was ready they transplanted them from the cups to the backyard garden. Now they get to remove stones, water and watch them grow. We hope to see some full grown plants with lots of fruit soon.

Tomatoes, peppers, and carrots, oh my!

Tiny bell pepper plant

The garden club taking care of their precious little plants.

The squash plants look promising

The garden club kids pausing from their hard work for a photo op.



Crazy Hat Day!

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Near the end of each year, for one day, the kids get to NOT wear their uniforms and wear a crazy hat! This year they chose a Western theme.


Guest Speakers

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Note for September 6, 2013

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ByMrs. Collins

Dear Parents;

Next week grades 3-8 will be taking ITBS tests. We will be testing every day. Please make sure your child:

• Gets a good night’s rest

• Eats a nutritious breakfast

• Has #2 pencils

• Is at school before 8:15

Students in grades 3-8 are allowed to bring a morning snack but there are definite rules about the snacks.

• No sugary treats

• Cannot require spoons or forks

• No juices

• Should be already cut up fruit or something similar

Students do not have a “snack break” so the snack will be eaten while they work. Messy snacks are not easy to eat while working. Sugary snacks are also not good for working.

Thank you for your excellent response to our new pick-up policy. It has gone smoothly because of our wonderful parents.

God bless and Happy Sabbath,

Mrs. Collins

Uniforms at Target

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ByMrs. Collins

Just a note about uniforms: Target has them on sale right now! Shirts are $5 and shirts and skirts are $12. They have all four colors of polo shirts: forest green, dark blue, light blue and white. They also have the khaki pants. The ad says they carry sizes 4-16. If your child needs new uniforms, you might want to check them out!

Tax News

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ByMrs. Collins

I know that many of you work hard to keep those school bills paid. Here are a few ideas that may help you.

1) Do you have a boss or a friend that owns their own company here in Arizona, a C-corporation or an LLC that files a tax form 120. They can pay all or some of their taxes towards your child’s education. Talk to me about forms you can give them if they are interested.

2) Have you asked any Arizona family members to participate? They cannot say yes if you do not ask.

3) Do you have any friends in Arizona? Ask them if they are willing to give their tax money to Yuma Adventist for your child.

4) Do you do business with anyone on a regular basis? Let them show how much they appreciate your business and loyalty by asking them to help you with their Arizona tax dollars if they do not already help someone else.

Remember, your Arizona tax scholarship funds come from taxes all those people already have to pay. It is not a donation-it is a tax credit. They lose nothing by helping you, but gain the knowledge that they helped someone’s child, yours, get a great education at Yuma Adventist Christian School.